Morag x TopGun


The 7th of april


The sun is shining, so the puppy's are happy.

The 1st of April


The 28th of March

My home is my castle, especially the rooftop.

The 13th of March

First we eat and then we sleep.


11th of march 2013

The problem about the puppypoop is solved, TopGun the proud father will clean up after his children.


The 9th of March 2013


Strathinver Storyline's (Morag) puppy's are 14 days old now, and doing great.





The 7th of march 2013


3th of march 2013


Morag and the little ones are doing great. These are the names of the puppy's:



Puppy blue: MAVERICK

the little one: MINNIE-MOUSETRAP

Puppy yellow: MIX-AND-MATCH

Puppy green: MOONRAKER


Puppy orange: MUMBO-JUMBO

Puppy fuchsia: MONEYPENNY




1st march 2013

Waiting in the hamper, while the litterbox is being cleaned.

28th  februari 2013

Morag and the pups are doing great. Even Minnie is on track, by now she weighs 100 gram, we realize she still has a long way to go, but Minnie is not a quitter and neither are we. She's a little bit special to us, so she's the first to get a name:Marie's Magic Minnie-Mousetrap.

Morag gave birth the 22nd of februari between 2 and 7 pm: 2 dogs and 6 bitches. You can believe our consternation as the 3th pup popped out, she was a tiny little bitch, alive but only weighing 75 gr. After some sleepless nights, with a lot of determination from us, Morag and our small little bitch Minnie, we can reassure you that Minnie is doing much better.


8th week van Morag's gestation: we had a picture taken by Lies Declercq our vet.


Today 21st of februari is the 55th day of Morag being in welp, when I feel her tummy it's almost like a boxing match.

49th day in welp:

42th day in welp:

Morag gained 2 kilo's. Her belly is expanding.




35th day in welp:

Morag gained 1,5 kilo's (about 3 pounds) she's still a happy and cheerfull little bitch. According to my vet's (Jan and Lies Declercq) it will be a large litter. We'll wait and see, as long as the puppy's are healthy.